Xavier Clayton

Renowned vocalist & song writer and much more

Xavier Clayton was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and moved to Europe in 1988.

His artistic career began in Europe with his first world hit “Tribal dance” with 2Unlimited back in 1993, which was number one in Europe and on the American Billboard Dance charts.

He is unstoppable!
Next two world hits “The World is Mine” with David Guetta and “Closer To Me”, also went to number one in both Europe and in the American Dance charts.

Xavier Clayton is an inexhaustible source of art and creativity, which you can check on Discogs.

His first official release for Universal Flow Records will be house song “High High High” together with Brutu Music, followed by three songs with Dobie (Drowning, Again and Techtonic).

Xavier is not only vocalist & song writer, he ius much more, check out more info about Xavier Clayton – here.