Stefan Trifkovic a.k.a. TRENTO is a Serbian composer and music producer born in Belgrade, Serbia 24.07.1988.
He developed his love for music as a child while listening his older sister Aleksandra practicing piano at their home.
He was introduced to the music production software by his brothers Milos and Petar in 2002. His music production journey started at the age of 14 with his first DAW’s – FL studio 4, Cubase and Sony Acid Pro.

At the age of 15 in 2003, he co-founded the Rap group “Cosa Nostra” with his high school friend. The group grew to a large underground local crew and later became “Cosa Nostra Family” with 3 Rap groups and many members and supporters in its circles. This is where TRENTO really crafted his production skills as he produced many songs for the crew followed by live performances.
Parallel with his Rap production journey he was developing his love for electronic music which he first met in primary school in the 90’s. He was obsessed with this new sound that was getting at the Serbian scene. He soon realizes that his big love for House and Trance music will get him in their direction.

At the age of 19 the “Cosa Nostra” story is over as all other members retired from music.
He continuous his journey alone and dedicates to electronic music.

He gets back to studying music theory as he becomes obsessed with composing. His obsession, constant learning and exploring brought his music to another level. As he developed his skills he starts to compose and import elements of his favorite genres (Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae …) into his House and Dance songs. His style can be described as mix of deep, underground, hard, tight and punchy sound followed by original composition, emotional melodies and harmonies.

In the past years new music industry rules brought him at the internet where he realized the potential and made new connections and friends worldwide.
In 2018 he co-founds Universal Flow, electronic music band with Vjeran Rubesa (Dobie).

In 2019 they founded Universal Flow Records label.