Our focus is on the artists!

Universal Flow Records looks for artists who can perform their music (production) live (singing, playing musical instruments, DJ-ing).

Universal Flow Records is an international global music management brand and record label owned by Digital Synergy Ltd, with headquarters in Cork, Republic of Ireland.

Operating from Europe (EU), Universal Flow Records is providing services for artists, producers, bands, musicians, etc.
We offer wide range of services like: Audio/Video Production, Web/Graphic design, Digital distribution, Copyright, Publishing, Media promotion, Licensing, Artist career management, Booking management, Web hosting management etc.

Our focus is on the artists who can perform their music (production) live (singing, playing musical instruments, DJ-ing).

Universal Flow Records aims to provide career management and special services to its artists by helping them in every stage of their journey. Our goal is to enable artists to develop and advance on the music market. We are therefore interested in cooperating with creative artists who create and perform their artwork.
Universal Flow Records also operates through its Universal Chart (Music Chart) which will provide artists with one of a kind Music Chart that pays artists real money each month!
Our Artists get:
We are a legal company, so you will get a legal contract for your song!
We have the best possible distribution contract in Europe, meaning that revenue from each sale/download/stream is maximized!
We have great copyright protection, including exclusive YouTube partnership agreement and YouTube Content ID program with premium ads reserved for our network! Your song will be fully protected across all platforms and media!
You will get your personal guide from our management who will assist you with all steps needed for the release!
Our Promo Team is doing the hard work 24/7, distributing the content to our large network of channels.
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Stefan Trifkovic
Stefan TrifkovicLabel co-owner & Producer
Marketing and communication specialist
Vjeran Rubesa
Vjeran RubesaLabel co-owner & Producer
Design & IT solutions
Brad Grobler
Brad GroblerA&R Manager & Audio engineer
Producer & Vocalist
Gordan NIA
Gordan NIAA&R Manager
Iva Gavranovic
Iva GavranovicLegal adviser
Legal staff
Natasa Stulic
Natasa StulicAccounting
Accounting Support
DJ Hurban
DJ HurbanDJ/Label Promoter
Tajana Novinc
Tajana NovincLabel Promoter
Rob Buijs
Rob BuijsLabel Promoter
CortezSecurity Officer
Security Support

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universal flow records

universal flow records

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