Pittarius Code

Trance duo

PITTARIUS CODE is a German-Iranian Trance duo co-founded by Abouzar Mohammadi (DJ Abouzar) and Christian Dabici (Maestro Dabici). The two met in 2019 Xmas and due to the same musical preferences and excellent cooperation decided to unite their forces.

DJ Abouzar: Tehran based Producer/DJ is currently collaborating with high profile labels. He was supported by many DJs around the world including Scorch Felix, Andrew Robbixen, Evgeny Kutsenok, Kross Well, and many more. DJ Abouzar has collaborated with talented producers/DJs such as Alex Goldsmith, Scorch Felix, Skols, MeanBeatz, Aeron Komila, Mehdi Bey, Ivan Lake, and Sasha Hart, to date. Tehrani based producer uses techy, progressive, spaced-out trance grooves which quite fill the dance floors.

Maestro Dabici: Ilvesheim based Producer/DJ started producing in the early 1990s as a solo artist, but first time decided to submit his tracks for the labels in 2019. He was supported by many DJs around the world including The Pulsarix, Lazarus (Defcon), Victor Special, Scorch Felix, etc.

Their debut single (Baran) for Universal Flow Records will be out in February 2020.

Stay tuned…